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Math Expanse game makes learning math a real adventure! Players embark on a mission filled with battles, challenges and rewards. Every challenge brings more skill-building math problems. Every successful solution unlocks new maps and skills with the ultimate goal of defeating an evil Artificial Intelligence.

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How Math Expanse Works
Created by experienced educators, Math Expanse uses a game-based environment to teach mathematical concepts through solving problems. The game combines independent asynchronous play and online teaching sessions where math experts share feedback and answer math questions.
Solve Problems
Twice a week players receive a set of math problems that help them learn new concepts and build new skills. Solving problems allows players to obtain information needed to advance in the game.
Discuss Solutions
Once a month players meet with our math experts to receive feedback on solutions they have submitted. Discussions allow for a deeper understanding of the topic. Small groups give everyone a chance to participate.
Unlock Maps
By solving problems gamers advance to the next level. They can choose to join an alliance in order to improve their chances. Online chat allows them to communicate and seek help when needed.
Win the Title
The game has an objective and a scoring system. Players increase their score by earning rewards along the way. Five players with the highest score receive the title of the Ultimate Math Champion.
Math Topics
Math Expanse draws from four content areas: arithmetic and number theory, logic and reasoning, combinatorics, and geometry. Additional topics may be introduced during the game depending on the player's progress.
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  • True or False
  • Knights and Knaves
  • Negation
  • Working backward
  • Procrustes analysis*
  • Guess and check
  • Proof by contradiction
  • Counterexamples
  • Pigeonhole principle
  • Counting in two ways
  • Creating equations
  • Linear equations
  • Substitution cipher
  • Transposition cipher
  • Venn diagrams
  • Set theory paradoxes
Word problems 
  • Motion
  • Percentage
  • Work problems
  • Water jugs
  • River crossing
  • Alternating integers
  • Even parity 
  • Splitting into pairs
Invariant problems
  • Invariants
  • Colouring
Elementary number theory
  • Number patterns and parity
  • Decimal notation
  • Fundamental theorem of arithmetic
  • Divisibility by 3 and 9
  • Basic arithmetic of remainders
  • Fold and cuts
  • Graph paper geometry
  • Grid filling
  • Elementary enumerative combinatorics
  • Auxilliary graph solutions
  • Tournament
  • Graph isomorphism
  • Degree sum formula
  • Eulerian path
  • Planar graphs
  • Tree problems
  • Bipartite graphs
Math games
  • Position analysis
  • Symmetric strategies
Evaluations & examples (mathematical rigour)

Why Choose Math Expanse

Game-based Learning for Kids Aged 10 -13

Our game has been crafted by middle school teachers with middle-schoolers in mind. The gameplay structure motivates students to explore math concepts by doing rather than observing. Problems are adjusted by level of difficulty to make sure that both ambitious and reluctant learners are challenged at the level that's right for them.
Improves Skills and Deepens Understanding
By introducing challenging exercises we help students apply fundamentals to problems they have not encountered before. Rather than memorize formulas players learn to discover solutions and integrate different areas of knowledge in order to understand how math works.
Increases Confidence and Ability to Learn Independently
Players practice at their own pace, tackling problems independently and asking for support when needed. The game motivates them to rely on their natural curiosity and explore solutions without the threat of a test. They can practice crucial skills in a stress-free environment.
Game ON!
countries and over 400 players
math topics covered in 8 months
problems and exercises
Join Math Expanse
The Math Expanse game starts on 31 October 2022 and ends on 30 June 2023. You can join at any given time.
The first month is free.
$65 per month
With a month-to-month plan, you are entitled to a trial period of 30 days after the start of the game. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
8 month plan
Save $70 with 8 months plan. In case of cancellation within the first 30 days after the start of the game you will receive a full refund.


Lisa P.
Tel Aviv, Israel
This game has a great selection of engaging math problems that gradually increase in their difficulty. I never knew that math could be taught this way, by solving problems rather than learning theory. My daughter Esti is far from being a math geek, but she really enjoyed this game and is looking forward to this year's tournament.

Esti's school doesn't teach math at this level. I feel like she now can apply to a college prep program right away. In fact, this game does teach some college-level stuff like combinatorics and graph theory.
I wholeheartedly recommend this program to kids who want to learn more about math in a fun and stress-free way.
Nina L.
Bretagne, France
Our family has been moving a lot for the past two years and this online game helped my son to stay motivated and focused on his math studies.

The game is rooted in a strong mathematical tradition of problem-solving. It draws the best from the European school of math that challenges kids to use math skills at a whole different level.

My son now applies problem-solving skills not only in math but also in his science classes. Thank you for making this possible!
About Math Expanse
What is the recommended age for Math Expanse?
The game is designed for players aged 10-13. While individual levels of knowledge vary, in our experience younger children have difficulty solving problems at this level. Many 14-year-old children might find this game interesting, but the more experienced older players might feel that the game is not challenging enough. We suggest that your child tries this game for 30 days and if they don't enjoy it you can cancel your subscription free of charge.
Does Math Expanse support what my child is learning in school?
The game includes challenging and engaging problems that are not limited to the school curriculum. Learning to solve these problems will likely help your child approach school math with greater confidence and apply problem-solving skills in a variety of classes.
What kind of methodology does Math Expanse use?
The game draws from a problem-solving approach to math education developed in countries with strong mathematical traditions, for example, East-European countries, Singapore and India. This approach is centered on the knowledge that kids are adaptable and curious learners. Activating their natural thinking patterns by encouraging them to seek solutions is seen as a much more beneficial learning strategy than the generally accepted approach of memorizing and learning to apply math formulas.
What is the Math Expanse storyline?
The game is set in the future where people have to battle Artificial Intelligence for control of the planet's resources. By solving math problems players unlock new maps and take control of the game 'servers' thus preventing the A.I. from establishing dominance. 
How much time does the game require?
The Math Expanse game runs for 8 months and players are given assignments twice a week. They are expected to complete the week's assignments by Saturday, but results will be accepted at later dates as well. Different players complete the game tasks at different paces, but generally, students require 2-3 hours a week to complete the tasks. Once a month players meet with math experts for a 45 - 60 minute study session. New players can join the game at any given time.
My child is an experienced gamer, will they benefit from this game?
Many games like Minecraft might help players develop an understanding of spatial relationships or faster reflexes. Although engaging, these games aren’t designed to be educational. Our game was made to achieve learning outcomes. Math Expanse allows players actively take charge of their learning, as opposed to watching a tutorial or reading a textbook. Children who like gaming will likely benefit from a game-based approach.
My child dislikes math, will they enjoy this game?
The game is designed with different types of learners in mind. Children who are reluctant learners or perceive math as difficult will benefit from a low-pressure environment where non-standard problems require creative solutions.   
My child is struggling with solving problems, should I help?
The game encourages independent learning. If the player has difficulty solving problems they should look for clues inside the game. It is best that parents refrain from trying to find solutions themselves. If you feel that the child can not keep up with the game you can write to us via the game chat or Subscription Support form.
Can my child play with their friends?
Math Expanse is a great game to play with friends. Players can communicate with other players via the game chat. They can form alliances and work together to unlock new maps. 
How do I make a suggestion for the game or provide feedback?
We welcome your feedback or any suggestions on how we can make our game better. Please write to us at 
What devices can I use to access Math Expanse?
You can set up the account either from a desktop computer or a mobile phone, but you need a desktop computer to play the game.
How do I obtain a user account for my child?
You need to register a parent account first and then add a player account in your profile.  
Will my child lose their progress if they stop playing and then decide to resume the game?
Your child's account will remain active and their progress saved until 15 June 2023 when this edition of Math Expanse ends. If you have canceled your subscription and wish to resume it please contact us at
You can see your child's progress in your User profile.  
How is my child's privacy protected by Math Expanse?
We store user data on secure cloud servers. Your child's username is visible only to users in the password-protected game area. For more details see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
I’m having trouble logging in to Math Expanse. What should I do?
If you can not access your account or have difficulties registering, please visit Subscription Support for assistance.
Payments and refunds
How much does Math Expanse cost?
Our game has two payment plans: a monthly subscription at a cost of $65 and an 8-month plan at $450. You can try the game for free for 30 days.      
Do I need to use my credit card for a free trial?
You need to provide your credit card details at the time of registration, but we do not charge or reserve any funds before the free trial is over. We do not store your credit card details. All transactions are made via the Stripe payment system that guarantees secure storage of data.  
What is your refund policy?
If you have 8-moth access to Math Expanse, you may cancel your payment within 30 days after you’ve been billed and receive a full refund. Please note, you must visit Subscription Supporto request this refund.
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